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I took my car into the dealership to get an oil change and a new air cleaner. I explained to the service rep what I wanted done and he told me I would be next up and it would be about an hour. As I was sitting in the waiting lounge, I started thinking about how our bodies are similar  to the engine in the car. Every once in a while they need to be drained and cleaned out.

It was then that I started wondering how that could be done. How nice it would be to get rid of all the sludge and be able to breath fresh air again. It’s not as easy as taking out a drain plug and draining the oil or loosening a couple bolts and just replacing  a filter.

How do I drain out the bad habits, bad thoughts, bad attitude, and bad actions? How do I get a new filter in place so I can hear the good things and filter out all the bad things that are going on today? If there was just a drain plug to take out or a couple bolts to loosen, life would be so much easier. However, if your belief in God is strong, if you’re being obedient to what He says to do and if you are truly walking by Faith, then these changes aren’t as hard as one would think. Being diligent in the study of His Word, consistent in prayer and walking as Christ walked, we can accomplish the changes. By making the changes in our life, we can be a good example for others to follow. We need to remember that we should be the example of love, not the example of hate and division that we’ve seen in the recent months. We are living in a world right now that dictates we take the plug out and drain the bad from us and put a new filter in place so we only have the good going into our bodies and not all the bad that is going on. There is a computer term: GIGI–Garbage in Garbage out and that is what is happening, if we don’t make the changes. Let’s make GIGI mean Good in      Good out!!

Stay Safe–Stay Healthy–Stay HAPPY!!
SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a GREAT day all.

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