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Fight! Contend! Do Battle!

When abandonment of religious belief arises, when false teachers emerge, when the truth of God is attacked, it’s time to fight for the Faith.

Only the Christians that are spiritually solid can stop the issues.

This letter focuses on a common Salvation by those who believe in Jesus. Jude challenges them to do battle for the faith.

False teachers invade the Church doing as they please.

Christians should not be caught off guard!!

The challenge is great, but so is God. He is able to keep Christians from stumbling.

Jude verses 1 and 2:
Identifies himself as the brother of James and a bondservant of Jesus.
It’s addressed to those called, sanctified, and preserved in Jesus Christ.

Verses 3-16
The sin and doom of ungodly people.

Verses 17-23
The call to persevere

Verses 24-25
The closing comments to his letter.