October 2020 - GraceAndWorks


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With all the Social Unrest, Political Unrest, and the various and sometimes misleading information on the virus, I had taken some time off from writing Blogs. I want to share a few thoughts on acquiring/building/keeping your Faith. I’ve been teaching the adult morning Bible class at South Valley Church of Christ in Las Vegas on Sunday mornings and I want to share some of the conversation that has taken place.

Getting our hearts and minds in the right place–Seek 1st the Kingdom

Putting focus in our eyes–Making sure they stay in God’s light not in Satan’s darkness.

Keeping our ears involved–Listening to what God has to say and not what man has to say.

Getting the feet and legs involved–Go, Teach and Preach, making disciples of everyone.

If we can do these things, it will help keep our focus on God and not focused on the things that are happening in the world today. We are fighting the same issues that hampered the 1st century Church. Good and bad leaders, world sickness, and issues of social unrest. The world will go on until God says no more, and sends Jesus back to earth. We/I have a really difficult time with control issues. God is in control!! Not you and not me. Sometimes that is hard to grasp, especially in these uncertain times.

One of the questions I have raised with the class is: We go to the light switch and know there will be lights, we go to the water faucet and know there will be water, we put the key in the ignition of our car and know it will start, why don’t we have the same confidence in God? The best answer is because of repetition. We do those things over and over and eventually we just know it will happen. The same thing will happen with God, IF, we will be regular in our communication with Him. Attend Bible classes, Worship, and be consistent with prayer. By doing these things over and over, we will find God is as reliable as the light switch, water faucet, and the key for the ignition.


Smile God loves you!! Have a GREAT day all.