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Hailed Out!!

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It was late June in the mid 1960’s and I was farming with my Dad. It was getting close to a mid July wheat harvest. I was about 20 miles south of home and town working in a field driving the tractor and tilling the ground. I had fueled the tractor and greased the machinery and set to go back to work. I pulled back in the field (about 1:00 pm) and about an hour later there began developing a huge bank of clouds in the west. As time went on the clouds got bigger and closer. I thought to myself, this is going to be a bad one. The wind was starting to blow and I’m about a mile from the pickup. I turned the tractor around and headed back to the pickup. By the time I got there it was starting to rain. I pulled up close to the pickup and shut the tractor down. It was raining a little harder by now and the clouds were really dark. I thought , this is getting bad!! 1st the wind, then the dark clouds, now the rain. I’m in the pickup now and the rain is REALLY coming down. BOOM–a huge clap of thunder and now the bad part was happening. HAIL!! The size, a little bigger than a pea, and it wasn’t stopping. Oh no, this is not good. When the storm had blown through and stopped, the wheat crop was gone. The hail had pounded the wheat plants to the ground and there was nothing left. What a sickening feeling to just sit there helpless and watch your wheat crop go from almost in the bin to having nothing. DEVASTATING, to say the least. Now to head home and tell Dad. HAILED OUT!!

I tell you this story because it is true and because I’ve watched peoples lives get “Hailed Out” just like the wheat. Life is going along fine, then all of a sudden you see the clouds starting to grow. The light is getting dimmer and it’s getting hard to see what is happening. Now comes the wind and you start getting tossed to and fro and listening to “Stuff” you shouldn’t be listening to and doing things that shouldn’t be done and all is getting messed up. The wind continues, the rain continues, then BOOM the hail hits. You are DEVASTATED and beaten to the ground.

The difference between you and that stock of wheat is–you can get back up. You can get up, right? Come on get up, it will be OK. 1st Corinthians chapter 10 God tells us he will put nothing more on our shoulders than we can handle and He will show us a way out. Come on, get up, and talk to God. You start talking to God and the storm starts to stop. Finally it has blown through. The sun is shining and everything is getting better. Thank you God!! The storms of life will beat you down, but, they can’t keep you down because God will help you. (If you let Him) I would say, “Good luck to you in these storms”, but it has nothing to do with luck. I will say though, “Through your Faith let God help, He will make everything good again.” I can say all this because I have experience both in farming and in the “Storms” of life.