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It’s Cloudy

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Have you ever been in a room full of smoke? Or in a deep fog? Or in the bathroom after a shower and the room is filled with steam? That’s what seeing through cataracts seems like. I’m writing this blog because I had questions and was asked questions as I went through the process of diagnosis and surgery for cataracts. I’m one who thinks that if I have questions, then there are many others that have the same questions. so here is my experience.

Four months ago I went to the eye Doctor for an exam and they told me I had cataracts, needed to get them removed, and was referred to a specialist. A month later I got in to the specialist and they confirmed that I, indeed, had cataracts. A month later I had the measurement for my new lenses for my eyes. FINALLY a month later, the first eye was fixed and two weeks after that one the other was fixed. I now wait two weeks for the final exam and get my prescription for corrective glasses so I can read and see distance at it’s best. It’s been a process that I had questions and concerns about and wasn’t explained fully about the process. Oh, then there are the eye drops for preparation for the surgeries. Two drops in the eye four times a day and then after surgery three drops in each eye for two more weeks. I’m now still putting drops in my eyes, but the surgery is done and I have 20/40 far vision in both eyes. YAY!! However, I have to wait for my corrective glasses to be able to read. What had happened was I was looking through the clouds, or fog, or steam and was getting worse. The cataracts were clouding my vision. The surgeries were basically pain free and the actual surgery only took about 15 minutes for each eye, but the preparation was all important to have the success that I now enjoy.

As I was thinking about all this, I realized that life has the same effect. Sin gets in our lives and starts clouding our thinking. It’s gets like the cataracts, if you don’t remove it, eventually you will not be able to see and you will be living in darkness. We all have sin in our lives and we have to examine ourselves to find the solution. It can become a process to get it removed. Just like the preparation for eye surgery, we have to prepare ourselves to properly remove the sin. Then when we decide to remove it, it only takes a few minutes to say enough is enough and it is gone. You’ll stop living in fog, clouds, or steam and life will clear up for you. Just like the surgeon for my eyes, God is there to help you with the removal. You can’t do it by yourself. Walk in the light as Jesus would want you to do. Don’t let the darkness overcome you.

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a good week all.


It’s Not My Fault!!

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Kids say the darndest things, but “It’s not my fault” has to be one of the oldest and best. Something around the house gets broken–It’s not my fault. Playing outside or on the playground at school and they get hurt–It’s not my fault. Grownups do the same thing. Something goes astray at work–It’s not my fault. Things go wrong at home–It’s not my fault. Spouse gets mad at you for something you did–It’s not my fault. Have you ever had an auto accident? It wasn’t my fault is the first thing that comes out of your mouth. Strangely enough we are always finding someone or something to blame our problems on. Why can’t we just own up to the fact that–It is/was my fault? Maybe because we aren’t capable of taking responsibility or don’t want to. Maybe it’s just human nature to blame someone else. It seems easier to do that than own up to the problem. YES, we all do it!!

In Genesis Chapter 3 we read the story about Adam and Eve eating of fruit from a tree that God had told them not to eat. As we know, the serpent tempted Eve until she gave in and ate of the forbidden fruit. She then gave some to Adam and he also ate of the fruit. When God came back to the garden to find them, they had hidden. Finally when they came out to face God, knowing they had really messed up, here came the “It’s not my fault” language. Eve blamed the serpent, Adam blamed Eve and so on. The fact of the matter is this: God has set out throughout the Bible that man is to look after the women in scriptural matters and protect her. Adam was there and it was his responsibility to say no and not let temptation overcome either one of them. He didn’t do that!! Christian life today is no different. God has set the plan, man needs to be responsible, and be able to guide his wife and family so that they don’t get overtaken by temptation. Satan is crafty, as you see in this story. We should be on guard at all times so we don’t listen to him. Sooooo let’s quit with the “It’s not my fault” thinking and own up to being wrong.

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a good week all.

How Strong Is Your Faith?

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Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. By faith we understand that the world was created by the Word of God so that what is seen was made out of things which do not appear. Hebrews 11:1-3

We are to have no doubt about our faith, believing in Jesus, and not being ashamed of the Gospel. Faith rests on God’s power. We walk by faith not by sight, live by faith knowing Jesus gave Himself for us, and we are justified by faith.

We need to be sincere, have a firm belief, and through that faith Christ will dwell in our hearts. This kind of faith will build a shield fromĀ  the evil one. We need to work in God’s kingdom to show our faith isn’t dead. For faith to become stronger and our shield to become stronger, we need to continue to work and study so we become more mature in our Christianity.

There is but one faith. It works through love, encourages us, and prompts us to act. Above all FAITH OVERCOMES THE WORLD!!

To begin acquiring faith, you must open your eyes from darkness to light, turning away from sin and look toward Christianity. This first step will build your belief in Jesus so you can seek and find His Kingdom.

Faith grows and is strengthened by hearing lessons, listening in Bible classes, and attending Worship Services. In order for Christians to grow in their faith, there are times when we will need help from others, showing the need to study with one another.

We are told that faith without works in dead. We need to be active in our Christianity so we can better understand our faith and become more mature.

Lastly, if we have a sincere heart and continue working in His Kingdom, preaching to and teaching others, Jesus will help us to become perfect in our faith.

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a good week all.