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20/20 is know as having a perfect vision. In this blog I want to take a look at what we would call “A Perfect World”. Maybe it is more wishing than an actual happening. I have a Perfect Vision”.

Everyone would come to Jesus and be obedient. They would attend all Worship Services, all Bible classes, accept Jesus as the Son of God and be Baptized, be loving towards ALL fellowman, be kind and courteous, help those that are needy, not be judgemental, repent of sins, open their Bibles and study everyday, be diligent in the Lord’s work, and stand steadfast in what they learn and have been taught.

All families would care for one another, love one another, communicate, no arguing, help where help is needed, and just be there for one another.

All government officials would be elected by a unanimous vote with the best person being elected, no agenda except what is best for the people they represent, no taking money “Under the table”, no arguing or bickering, the American people would all be happy, everyone is employed, no debt–all bills paid each month, health costs are affordable and you would know the costs before any tests or procedures are done, no wars, no needless deaths, and no criminal acts.

A wish list–maybe. A utopian society–maybe. Wild dreams–maybe. Things to strive for–absolutely!!

God has laid out, in His written living word, a Utopian society. If we would do what He says and stay obedient to what He has laid out, the above mentioned statements could and would become real. Think about that!!



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