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Throughout life jobs will usually come and go. Sometimes we get that  one job and make a career out of it. Then we get that one job that we really like and all of a sudden it’s gone. The company downsized, they just did away with your position, or they let you go. Sometimes there is a reason and sometimes not. They say they are going in a different direction. REALLY? What does that mean? How do you deal with it? Throughout my life I have lost 4 different positions. One was devastating!! All was going well, I thought, then one day the owner walked in and said, “pack your stuff, you’re done.” No reason–just done!! It was a great job and paid well. I thought, now what? I can tell you this, nothing was ever the same!! I never enjoyed the happiness in the work place that I had running the 10 man sales crew I had built and having my daughter working side by side with me. The company was very successful and I couldn’t figure out, WHY was I let go. I said all the things, “I’ve been let go from better jobs that this (Lie), I was looking for a job when I found this one, they can’t fire me, I quit.” I laughed with my “Friends”, but inside I was torn apart. NOBODY knew how bad I felt, until now. I dealt with depression on my own. I felt like I was on an island by myself and I was going to have to figure this out by myself. Yeah, my family was there for me, but they would never fully understand what I was going through, or completely went through. To this day it still bothers me. We say, “All is good, life goes on, I’ll bounce back, I can handle this”, but deep down you know these are falsehoods.

The only real answer is God. I got more involved with the Church, talked to God more, and leaned on the scriptures to see what God was saying to me. I taught more classes, preached more sermons, and now I have this blog site. Much of my teaching and preaching is built around life experience. I try to relate things to people that might be struggling to make “Life” work. It has helped me, and from comments I get, it has helped others. For those of you that are struggling, let God help you work things out. Will everything be normal or back like they were? Probably not. But you find a new path and “Life” goes on.

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a good day all.

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