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The Church was established on the Day of Pentecost. The Christians spread across the nation and the early focus was all about fellowship. Everyone on the same page with their Christianity, getting along, and fellowshiping one with the other. Their focus was on the resurrection of Jesus, the Holy Spirit working inside them, the devotion to teaching and preaching God’s Word, and following the example Jesus set before us. Now let us dream a little about the future of the Churches of Christ.

A future where foster care shortages no longer exist because Christians take in all the children in need of care. (Sounds like the early Church)

A future in which churches don’t sell their buildings and move to the suburbs, but stay in the struggling communities that need Jesus. (Sounds like the early Church)

A future in which congregations recognize different nationalities and age groups. (Sounds like the early Church)

A future in which orphans and widows see the Church of Christ in any town as a place where they can turn for love, support, peace, and safety. (Sounds like the early Church)

I know that these are just dreams. Or are they? It seems to me that we are in an age where we need to study what the early Church was all about and what it stood for. We as Christians need to be steadfast in our fellowship and care on one another.

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a good day all.


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