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You wake up and the sun is shining brightly. All is good, you think. Made it to the kitchen and got some coffee brewing, smells good. Got the paper off the porch and read it. Now time to get in the shower. Boy, that feels good. Got all clean and dried off. Looked in the closet and found something nice to wear to work. Get a little breakfast ready, tasty!! All ready to go to work and make it out to the car. What’s this?!?! It was broken into and they took the radio, stereo, laptop, and they even took the cash you had tucked away in the console. Well CRUD!! YOU’VE BEEN ROBBED!! Called into work and told them what had happened and that you would be late as you were waiting for the police to show up. The police took all the information and finally you’re off to work. The boss called you into his office and told you he was going to make your day a little better. He gave you $1500 raise and a $250 bonus. He also said he had a fairly new laptop that he wasn’t using and gave it to you. WOW, was that ever good. You thanked him and went to work. Now, a couple days had gone by and you and some of my friendsĀ  stopped by the local pub and had a cocktail (or two). Late getting home and when you opened the door–Yep you guessed it. Someone broke in and took all your electronics and some of your keepsakes. Well, CRUD!! YOU’VE BEEN ROBBED!! Called the police, AGAIN, and after they got all the information, it was time to get some rest, that didn’t work well, couldn’t sleep at all. Waited to hear from the police for about a month. Finally called them and they said they didn’t find anything and are closing the case. Your stuff was gone forever. UGH!!

Now, you got to running with a group of people that liked to have “fun.” You opened your heart and mind to them because this stuff was great. Satan had entered the scene. Started partying every night, had some one night stands, and then drugs got introduced. Couple of my friends were homosexual and now you seem to think this is OK. My life is a WRECK!! Did you mention you quit going to Worship? You were raised in a Christian home and had good values. WHAT has happened?? Satan had gotten a hold of you and and all your principles were gone. YOU’VE BEEN ROBBED!! Your salvation is at risk. The difference between this and all your stuff being gone is that God will forgive and give you everything back, if you repent and get back to doing what He wants you to do. YAY!!

Smile God loves YOU!!
Have a good day all and DON’T GET ROBBED of your salvation!!

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