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I’ve been wondering about this word for quite some time. A short definition  means to do something over and over to get better. I’ve always wondered why people say that a Doctor is “Practicing” medicine or why Attorneys are “Practicing” law. Shouldn’t they know what they are doing? I’ve thought to myself that I would just prefer a Doctor instead one who is still “Practicing.” Same would go with an Attorney. Soooooo, I’ve decided that they are still practicing, doing things over and over, so they get better at what they are doing ( sure hope by the time I would need one, that they would know what they are doing. lololo). Then I  thought, why don’t we have “Practicing” teachers, sales people, secretaries, business owners, preachers, coaches, etc. In athletics we have, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, soccer, and track “Practice” so the players can get better by doing the same plays over and over until they get them right. All that “Practice” is done so they can be prepared for the games they play. Hopefully being able to win their games.

The next question I had was, why are Christians just called Christians? Shouldn’t we be called “Practicing” Christians. After all, doesn’t God want us to get better at what we do for Him? His scriptures tell us to listen, not only listen, but HEAR, attend Worship services, study to show ourselves approved, go forth and Preach His Word. He also instructs us to be kind, gentle, loving, forgiving, tolerant of others, and compassionate. How can these things be accomplished if we don’t continue to “Practice” what God  says? We can’t just “Be Christians”, it takes work!! Sooooooo, don’t just be a Christian, go to work and “Practice” what is to be done. Become a “Practicing” Christian!! Hopefully we will win the race and receive the Crown of Life that God has promised (Providing we are obedient to Him).

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a good day all.

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