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Yellow caution tape is used at almost every Police, FBI, and Fire investigation. It warns us that we should not enter because it is a crime scene or that it is not safe. Sometimes the tape is across a door, around a building, or blocking off a street. The point being, no matter how big the crime scene is, authorities can and will use the tape to protect their scene and to protect us.

So, as I was thinking about this, I got the idea that it sure would be nice if we had some of that yellow caution tape to use when we have areas in our life that we shouldn’t enter. Areas that may be harmful or areas that might lead us off in the wrong direction. Just take some yellow caution tape and tape that area off so you know not to enter. Boy, would that ever make things simpler. See the tape and just avoid that area. It could be used as a protection for our life and keep us out of trouble. No greed in our life–that would be taped off. No lust of the eye in our life–that would be taped off. No pride in our life–that would be taped off. Life would be better and this would be a much better world to live in.

Now with all that being said, if we are a part of God’s Kingdom, we have a hedge around us for protection. In Job the 1st chapter, Satan makes reference to Job having a hedge around him put there by God for protection from evil. God tells Satan that Job is a blameless and upright man who fears God and shuns evil. The hedge concept for protection is used in many places throughout the scriptures. If we are obedient to God, blameless and shun evil as Job did, God will put a hedge around us and protect us from evil just as He did Job.

No need for the “Yellow Caution Tape”–Just be obedient to God and let the “Hedge” protect you.

Have a good week all. SMILE God loves YOU!!

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