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When you leave your home in your car to go somewhere, you go from one street to another to another until you reach the destination you want. Going up stairs, you go one step at a time. When taking a job, most have to start near at the bottom of the totem pole and work themselves up. Step by step we reach our career goals. We start dating and it again is step by step until we find the right person, get married, and start a family. When taking a trip, we plan out where, when, and what we are going to do. The thing about about a trip is, you can take different routes to reach destinations we want. On a recent road trip we really didn’t have a set plan, but kinda knew what and where we wanted to go. I’m “Old School” when it comes to maps and use a regular map book so I can better see where the road leads. Regardless, it was once again a step by step approach I used to reach various destinations. Going through life is very much a step by step approach.

Our Christian lives are also step by step approach. Step 1)-Hear God’s Word. Step 2)-Believe what we hear. Step 3)-Be willing to repent of our sins and change our lives. Step 4)-Confess to others that we believe Jesus is the Son of God. Step 5)-Be buried in water and Baptized. Step 6)-Live a righteous life thereafter. One step at a time we will reach our destination, which is Heaven. God’s Living Word, the Bible, is our map.

“One step at a time, dear Savior: I cannot take any more, the flesh is so weak and hopeless: I know not what is before. One step at a time, dear Savior: I am not walking by sight; Keep step with my soul, dear Savior: I walk by faith in Thy sight. One step at a time, dear Savior: Oh, guard my faltering feet! Keep hold of my hand, dear Savior, Till I my journey complete. One step at a time, dear Savior: Thou knowest all of my fear; One word from Thy heart, dear Savior, And Heavens mansions appear. One step at a time, dear Savior, Till faith grows stronger in Thee; One step at a time, dear Savior, Till hope grows stronger in me.” One step at a time…….!!

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a GREAT day all.


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