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Have you ever awakened with the pain of a tooth ache? Sure you have!! You think to yourself that this will just go away. It’ll get better. Then throughout the day you convince yourself that it’s not so bad and it is getting better. Then you wake up the next morning and it’s still sore, but you say to yourself, it’s not as bad a yesterday. The third day you wake up and it’s still got the pain and you FINALLY come to the realization that it’s not getting better. So you make the dreaded call to the Dentist. They say they can get you right in and you tell yourself, let’s just do this, it won’t be so bad and after all, it is only a couple hours out of the rest of my life. Mr. tooth, you’ve got a lot of “Nerve” putting me through this. HA!!

You get to the office, get all the paper work done and they call your name to come on back. You follow the nurse down the hall and she sets you in the chair and starts taking all kinds of x-rays. She leaves and tells you the Doctor will be here in a few minutes. Yeah, right, seemed like hours, while all the time you just sit there and think about the needle and the pain of it being JABBED into you gum. Uh-Oh, here’s the Doc and he tells you—ROOT CANAL and crown and we can do it right now. He tells you we’re going to numb you up and you’re going to feel a pinch. REALLY?? That needle looked a foot long and I’m telling you right now that it was more than a pinch. WOW, it’s all numb and I tell the Doc, there’s no more pain, see ya later. He laughs and starts to work on the tooth. Budda-Bing, Budda-Bang, he uses the drill and other instruments and digs the nerve out, puts a build up on the tooth and says he’s done until the permanent crown is in. I’m thinking, that wasn’t so bad. Why did I put up with the pain for three days when it could have been over on the first day? It’s hard to believe something as small as a tooth can lead to so much pain.

I was thinking as the Doc worked on me that life would be so simple if I could just get a shot and make pain go away. Have a tool that would dig the bad out of me and get up with no more pain. Then I thought, I have that. All I have to have is Faith in God, sit back, and let Him do his work. Budda-Bing, Budda-Bang, all is better. Thank you God for the avenue of Prayer, your written words, and the knowledge, wisdom and faith you have given me so I can get through the “Pains” I endure during this life.

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a good day all.

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