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Parents taken for granted. Kids think they will be around forever, then, one day they are gone. I hear people say, “I wish I would have…………”

Kids are taken for granted. Parents think they will always be OK. Then something goes wrong and the parents ask, “Where did we go wrong?”

Jobs are taken for granted. We think we can’t be replaced and everything is going to be OK forever. Then we come to work and find something has happened and we no longer have a job.

Everyday things are taken for granted.We turn the hot water on and expect it to be hot. Then one day it isn’t. When we touch the on button for the remote we expect the TV to come on. Then one day it doesn’t. We turn the light switch on and expect the room to light up.Then one day it doesn’t. We go to the car and put the key in the ignition and expect the car to start. Then one day it doesn’t.

We take marriage for granted. We think we’ll always get along and there will be no problems.Then one day there are problems.

We take our health for granted. We think we are invincible and nothing can go wrong. Then one day we have to see the Doctor and there are problems.

We take God for granted. Life is going along smooth. The road becomes bumpy and it’s full of curves. Then we find ourselves off course and in the “Ditch.”

Most of the things I have listed, we can fix by ourselves. Except when life derails. Then we¬† talk to God and ask for His help. He gives the help and we go on like nothing happened until the next time we need His help. I wonder what has happened in between “happenings.” Do we still talk to God? Do we thank Him for all the good we have? Or do we take Him for granted that He will always be there for help. This reminds me of the story about the Israelites when they came out of Egyptian captivity and were in the middle of the desert. Things would be going along just fine and they would forget about God. Suddenly things would go sideways and then they would bow down and ask God for help. This type of behavior cycles over and over.

Don’t get yourself in a position where you take God for granted.

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a good day all.

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