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When I was still in the work force, I heard, a lot, “It’s not my job.” Maybe it isn’t, but helping out with something never hurt anyone. If you are being paid an hourly rate or a monthly salary, does it really matter what you do to earn your money? For instance: If you’re working fast food and your “job” is to cook, when things are slow, does that mean you can’t help with the cleaning? Doesn’t it all pay the same? So why not help others when you have the time? Society has somehow set definitions on duties of the husband and wife in the marriage. So let me ask this: Does that mean if the wife is a homemaker and doesn’t work outside the home, the husband doesn’t have to help her? Or visa-versus. I think not!! Maybe that is a cause of tension and makes for a troubled marriage. I know of several married couples that have set their own rules and get along just fine. Each helping out when and where they can. My wife works in an Insurance office where there are different teams. When her producers need help, she helps them. Not saying, “But that’s not my job” but pitching in and doing whatever it takes to create a cohesion that keeps the team clicking on all cylinders and running smoothly. There are five players, for each team, on the court at one time in basketball. Each have their own responsibility, but not afraid or unwilling to help out where needed. That, my friends, is team play.

In the church, Ephesians chapter four, we are told that God has given each of different talents to use. I submit to you, that one of those God given talents is to learn. The more we grow in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, the more talents we accrue. Some will sit back and say, “That’s not my job-I don’t have the talent to do that.” The most common I hear is, “I can’t teach.” REALLY?? The way you conduct yourself and the way you walk with Christ is teaching others about what being a Christian is all about. I had a person once tell me, when you say NO to doing something in the Church, you actually are saying NO to God. Think about that for a moment!! Many, as they get older, will basically sit back and do nothing, saying, “been there, done that, and I’m not doing it any more.” Did the Apostle Paul ever quit? What an example he is/was.

“It’s Not My Job!!” YES it is, if you want to be a team player.

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a good day all.

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