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I wish it was that easy, don’t you? How many times have you said “I’m sorry” and got no response? Completely disregarded. Blown off. No response. No action. No reaction. You think to yourself, what just happened? It takes a big person to know they are wrong and an even bigger person to say “I was wrong and I’m sorry.” It has come to me that it is almost surprising to hear, “You’re forgiven.” We are all imperfect and make mistakes. We hurt feelings of others, sometimes, without even knowing. There are times we hurt someone on purpose-“To get even.” Scriptures tell us that God says, “Revenge is Mine.” So why do we take it upon ourselves? It has also come to me that it is surprising to hear, “I’m sorry.” It seems people think to themselves–yeah right! Maybe they don’t believe the person saying “I’m sorry.” The scriptures tell us, “If you can’t forgive, how do you expect your Father to forgive?”

I’ve had a couple instances recently where I’ve told someone “I’m sorry” and got no response. I don’t understand why. It hurts me to know or find out later my actions have hurt someone. I was raised to care about others and their feelings. I’ve been told I’m too sensitive. Really?? I wonder what that means. Are YOU not sensitive when you’ve been wronged or you have wronged someone else? Maybe it’s the society we live in today. Maybe it’s the all for me and I don’t care about you, that’s going on in the world today. One, I apologized for offending them and they told me they weren’t offended. However, a few moments later they turned their back on me and wouldn’t even say goodbye. I sent an e-mail later on and apologized again and got no response. What more can I do? Wash my hands of the situation and move on is all I can see to do. I know some or all of you have been in these types of situations before and it is heartbreaking and extremely frustrating . I don’t have an answer. I wish I did. I wanted to share this, so those of you in similar situations know you are not alone. This happens more regularly than one thinks.

The greatest command God gave us is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. God also says, “If you don’t love your brother, how can you love Me?”

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a good day all.

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