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I find it very difficult to understand politics. We have politicians that have their own agenda and will vote accordingly. They will make agreements with others so that both get their way. How can we ever come to an understanding of that? We have a government that is run by imperfect people. We vote them in and try to do the best we can to get qualified candidates, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out for the best. We think we have things figured out and then someone changes the rules. The constitution isn’t perfect so we have amendments to try to make it better. How can we come to an understanding of that? We have a group of people that are ultra conservative, a group that is ultra liberal, and then there are those in the middle that keep trying to figure out what is what. Confused by what is going on? So am I. Imperfect laws, imperfect rules, and imperfect people leading, leaves most of us with no understanding what is going on.

Religion, on the other hand is laid out in perfectness. God laid out a plan and it doesn’t change and neither does He. The basics of religion and salvation is very simple and easy to understand because there are no amendments, no rule changes, and is run by a perfect person with no flaws, GOD!! God says, “Those who have ears, let them hear.” God’s word will speak to you, if you will listen. Sometimes we need help to understand. Even the Eunich needed help from Philip. However, once he heard the words spoken, he obeyed the Gospel and asked Philip to baptize him. So the basics are this: 1) Hear the Word, 2) Believe the Word, 3) Repent from your sin, 4) Confess that you believe Christ is the Son of God, 5) Be baptized, 6) Live a righteous life thereafter. The confusion and misunderstanding of religion is that man’s opinion tries to change God’s plan and there is no room for that to happen. God is perfect, God’s Word is perfect, and Christ is perfect. In the book of Revelation we are told to not add nor take anything away from God’s Word. No rule changes, no amendments, and no opinions!!

My conclusion is this: Politics are not understandable because of the imperfect things that occur. Religion is very understandable because it is perfect.

Have a good day all and SMILE God loves YOU!!

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