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As I was driving down the road today, I was looking at all the signals my car has and was thinking about how nice it would be to have those for everyday life.

POWER BRAKES: Gives me that extra boost to put a stop to things I shouldn’t be doing.
POWER STEERING: Gives me the ease and quickness to get out of harms way.
TURNING SIGNALS: So those around me would know when I’ve changed direction or changed my mind.
BRIGHT LIGHTS: So that I might always walk in the light and never be in darkness.
SPEEDOMETER: To let me know when things are going too fast or too slow.
AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION: So when there are changes in my life, there would always be a smooth shift to another chapter.
CUSHIONED SEATS: To always provide that smooth ride that I desire as my life goes on.
WIPERS: Giving me a clear look at what is happening so I can make better judgement calls.
CHECK ENGINE LIGHT: So I would have a warning signal when things are about to go sideways.
OIL PRESSURE GAUGE: That I would always know my blood pressure and if I’m under undo stress.
HEAT GAUGE: To let me know if my temper is out of control and I need to stop and let things cool down.
AIR CONDITIONING: So I can maintain a level nature about myself–Never too cool and never too hot.

And what about the engine that makes everything go? That’s what reminds me of God. He and the written word He gave me is the engine that pulls me through life. Without the engine all the other signals that a car has would be of no value. Without God life would have no meaning. There would be no road to travel down and no need for anything or anyone to give any signals for danger.

SMILE God loves YOU!!
Have a blessed day all.


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