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Let’s talk about friends, family, marriage, and God.

So how is your relationship with your friends? Are you talking, texting, or staying in contact regularly? Or do you just wait around until they contact you? In the age of electronics, it’s real easy to stay in contact–just grab your phone and text/talk away. But what happens when no one texts or calls you and you are always the one to make contact? How does that make you feel? Agitated, angry, left out, lonely, or just plain upset? It’s been said that highways and phone lines run both directions, but many times they are only going one way.

How is your relationship with family? Always in contact, spotty, or not at all? The same thing can be said about family as I said with friends. If you are the one who always has to make that first contact, how do you feel about it? If you do always make the first contact and then get a one word response with no other conversation, how do you deal with that? Highways running one direction, phone lines only running one direction–do you eventually just decide they don’t want anything to do with you and throw your hands up and move on the best as possible?

How’s your relationship with your spouse? To be a success, I’ve always believed that communication is the key to that success. One person always initiating the conversation is not the ideal way to communicate. Is there love in the marriage? Do you do things that are special? Do you tell each other that you love them? The special touch or that smile that melts the heart? Many marriages end in divorce because of the lack of communication. The highway and phone lines–are they only running one direction?

What about your relationship with God? Do you pray without ceasing, as the Bible teaches. Praying is the communication line between you and God. Christians know that God will answer your prayers. It might not be what you wanted, but was what God wanted for you. And after some time goes by, you see He was right. Or do you treat God like friends, family, and marriage–just wait around until you need Him to talk to Him? What makes God different is that the highways and phone lines run both directions. He will answer you and He will also let you know through blessings that things are good. You don’t have to wait around for Him. There is no wandering if He cares. There is no doubt in this relationship. He is always there for you and He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. When everyone else fails you, God WILL be there!!

Have a good week all and SMILE God loves YOU!!

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