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What if life was like it was 30, 40, or 50 years ago? Where family values were still present. Gather around the “Supper” table and eat a meal as a family. Actually have a conversation with each other and the kids. Where we got up on Sunday morning, dressed in our best clothes and headed to Church, then home for Sunday dinner, napped or watched a football game on TV, and back to Church for the evening services. Whatever happened to that?

What if we didn’t have cell phones for texting and actually got to talk to someone to converse? I remember the times. We had rotary dial phones, phone booths with pay phones, and we got along fine. We didn’t have to stare into a phone all day long and wait for someone to make a comment, call us, text us, or message us. And yet we survived the times.

What if there was no computers or internet? We wouldn’t have to search for hours to find garbage to spew out on the different medias. It wouldn’t be near as easy to spread gossip, tell lies, show our hate to others, and spread our opinions like butter on bread.

What if we would spent as much time reading the Bible as we spent searching for garbage, looking at a phone, spreading hate and discontent, or watching TV? What would the world be like? I would think much better!! Does not God tell us in 2nd Timothy 2:15 and following, to study to show ourselves approved? That verse used to mean something. It still does, but to fewer people.

What if we had stop lights or stop signs, for our life, pop up to let us know it is time to look around before we proceed? Or yield signs to let us know to let something just go on by and then continue on? Caution signs to let us know we may be coming into danger and be careful?

What if…….

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a good week all.

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