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The President of the United States, last week in a speech, called a handful of NFL players S.O.B’s. Where is the outcry from you the people and the media. This is appalling!! The way to make a sore worse is to pick the scab and make it bleed. That is exactly what our President did. Last week there were a handful of players doing a peaceful protest. This past weekend there were 100’s of NFL players peaceably protesting. The reason is because of what the President said about them. They were NOT protesting the flag. They were NOT protesting the Constitution. They were NOT protesting America. They were protesting the President. If you go back a year ago when Colin Kaepernik took the first knee during the National Anthem and read about why he did it, you’ll find he was protesting for equality. He was NOT protesting the flag, the Anthem, or America. He loves America and in fact put $1,000,000 of his own money into a fund to get his words out. He did the protest during the Anthem because he knew the media would get a hold of it and blow it clear out of proportion. Thus the public would hear his plea for his words to be heard. Now, because of the media duping the general public, the protesting has taken on the wrong meaning. Before you make judgement against these guys, go back to the beginning and search for the REAL truth. I, like you, don’t like to see them not standing for the Anthem. However, when I’m getting ready to watch a game, I don’t stand in my living room for the Anthem. Does that make me hypocritical?

We all seem to want to tell everyone else what to do. Maybe until we walk a mile in their shoes, we should be a little more tolerant. I’ve seen posts today about the rules of the NFL concerning the Anthem. Who are we to tell some business or their employees how to act and react? Seems to me it is up to the those in charge to enact the rules. My wife has a handbook at her workplace that spells out the rules of the office. Do you want a copy of it so you can tell her how to act and react at her place of work?

We all want the Standing for the Anthem and for all to be good. Where is the outcry from you, the public, and the media for those singing the song? It has notes and tempo written out for people to follow. Shouldn’t those leading it be held accountable to sing it as written? Why do they change the notes? Why do they change the tempo? I don’t like it when they do that, but whoever hired them must have said it was OK to change it.

We read about how much money the NFL players make. News Flash!! There are only a handful making the “Big Bucks”, the rest are not in that category. A couple weeks ago, when the hurricanes hit, athletes put millions of dollars of their money into relief funds. One, led by J.J. Watts of the Houston Texan’s team and many other athletes, put together over $37,000,000 for relief efforts in Houston. These guys do a lot for communities that never hits the news because the media won’t report it (For what ever reason). Charles Barkley, put together with multiple other athletes, funneled millions of dollars into New Orleans when they got hit by a hurricane. The Dallas Cowboy’s players went to Ok. City when the bombing took place. And on and on I could go. Let’s please not call these guys S.O.B’s. Let’s please not judge them for peaceable protesting. Do I want them to stand for the Anthem? YES!!


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