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Have you or did you just ever want to throw your hands in the air and go off by yourself and have a good cry?  You got taken out of your environment, element, or comfort zone. Maybe: The kids are out of control, bills are piling up, health issues, job fell through, or for what ever reason you find yourself “behind the eight ball.” What do you do? You can have the all time “Meltdown” and find yourself just plain  miserable. Now, if and when this happens, what do you do? Most of us will pick ourselves up and say, “things really aren’t this bad,” and start to put everything back together. One by one we take care of the issues until all is back good. We need to get back to our environment or comfort zone.

Sooo I got to thinking this is just like an ice cube. As long as it stays in it’s environment, it will remain solid and intact. Take it out of it’s environment or comfort zone it starts to “Meltdown.” If you drop it, it might break into pieces. However, if you save the pieces or capture the liquid, it can be put back into the mold, back into the freezer (environment/comfort zone), and it will, over time, return to it’s solid form. Life can be as fragile as that ice cube!!

Our Christian lives are just as fragile. I was fortunate to have been raised in a Christian home. I had the foundation for life that my Mom and Dad instilled in me. Sure there were disagreements, but I can’t remember them ever raising their voices to each other. They just seemed to work out problems as they occurred. They probably had their “Meltdowns”, but I wasn’t aware of them. They hung onto their beliefs and faith and let God help them through the tough times. What I learned from them is that no matter how bad things seemed, the pieces could always be put back together and life would go on. Just like the ice cube, I needed to get back to my comfort zone, environment. Trusting in God, trusting in my faith, and the solid upbringing I had has led me through some difficult times. I thank my Mom and Dad and mostly I thank God for keeping me as solid as the ice cube.

SMILE God loves YOU!! Have a good week all.

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