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I remember sitting at a truck stop one time when we were on vacation and marveling at all the different loads. There were flatbeds, trailers with cars on them, big boxes on the trailers, lumber on some, steel on others, one with a big front end loader, couple others with farm tractors, and one that stood out had a refrigeration unit on the trailer. The reason that one stood out was because the tractor was a brilliant midnight blue color (Beautiful) with bright shiny chrome wheels, both on the tractor and the trailer. You could tell the owner had a lot of pride in this 18 wheeler and took good care of it. I had an idea he was hauling some kind of perishable goods and would end up on shelves somewhere. I watched as he climbed up into the drivers seat and got ready to roll. As he pulled out of his parking place, he looked in every direction to make sure nothing was coming and he was clear to go. He pulled onto the interstate highway and put the hammer down. Smoke bellowing out of the stacks and that big, beautiful midnight blue truck was soon out of sight. As we left, I remember thinking how all these trucks were carrying good stuff that someone needed. YAY to all the truckers that keep America turning.

Then after getting home, I remember sitting in my living room watching the garbage truck and the workers picking up all the garbage that we and the neighbors had put curb side. Unlike the Semis I saw carrying good stuff that someone wanted, these guys were carrying off all the stuff no one wanted or needed. What a difference in the usage of trucks.

I got to thinking about all the garbage we have in life. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just baggage it up, put it curb side and let the garbage truck pick it up and haul it away. Good riddance to all the stuff I don’t want and can’t use!! Then it came to me that I do have a way to get rid of all life’s garbage and not have to worry about it any more. GIVE it to GOD!! He’ll take it off your hands, do away with it and will also help get the good stuff back in life. Then I can be like the Semis, carrying a good load that I want and can be useful to me. YAY God!!

Have a good week all. SMILE God loves YOU!!

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