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Thursday I had an appointment with the skin cancer Doctor. I arrived at my appointment about 20 minutes early. Got checked in and was just sitting, waiting for the Nurse to call me back to see the Doctor. This wasn’t my first rodeo, so I kind of knew what was going to happen. As I was sitting there, I got to thinking about how cancer is like sin, if you don’t address it and get it taken care of, it can create major problems. I thought to myself, how nice it would be if one could take a sharp knife and just cut the sin away just as the Doctor would do with my cancer. Then it came to me that with God and His living word, I don’t need needles or knives, all I need to do is talk to God and ask for His help. After all, He is the Great Physician and can solve any problem. Thankful for no knives or needles.

The Nurse called my name and took me back to my room and soon the Doctor came in. He looked at the spots and said, “This one we can freeze off.” YAY!! I thought. That’s easy enough. Then he looked at the secondĀ  one and said, “This one can be scraped and frozen.” YAY!! I thought. That’s easy enough. No knives or needles. Then he looked at the third one and said, “This one needs to be cut out for biopsy and sent off.” Oh, no!! Knives and needles, I thought. This isn’t going to be good. He leaves and here comes the Nurse with a HUGE needle (Not really, but it’s the thought that counts). I don’t know if you all have ever had a needle poked in your forehead, but it hurts like crazy. 4 shots later all was numbed up and in came the Doctor to use his knife on me. I was laying there still thinking about sin and cancer and I thought about Jesus, how he died for my sins and the horrible death He had gone through for me. He carried a crown of thorns on His head. Now I just had the “BIG” needle and the shots, so I knew how that felt. I can’t imagine how a whole crown of needles digging into my head would feel like, but it has to unbearable. Here I am complaining and Jesus has no complaints to offer. Thoughts like these really puts things in prospective.

Have a good week all!!

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