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Find a safe place in times of trouble. Hail storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and life itself all have times we find ourselves looking to find shelter. I remember one time when my uncle was on the golf course and a hail storm came up quick. He found a culvert to take refuge in. The problem being was that he was a big man and couldn’t fit all the way in. He did get his head and upper body covered but his backside was exposed and got pretty badly bruised. The Midwest has storm shelters underground to shelter them from tornadoes. Those who live in the gulf coast states sometimes have to evacuate to higher ground for refuge from a hurricane. All different, shelters in times of storm, yet they all serve theĀ  purpose of protection.

We have trials, tribulations, and storms in our daily lives that we take refuge from. These can range from a falling out with friends or family, job loss, loss of a loved one or friend, loss of a home with fire, flooding, or some type of storm, depression, fears, illness, and the list goes on endlessly. How do we cope with these situations? Where do we find refuge? Many will rely on friends or family to help them get through. Some will crawl into a hole and try to deal with them by themselves, many times causing even more problems. Want a better solution? Try taking refuge with God!!

Our belief and obedience to God can be satisfying and very gratifying. The Bible speaks in several places about God putting a hedge around us for protection. Paul’s letters speak about handing our troubles, sorrows, anxieties, and struggles of to God and let Him help us work things out. In God, we always have a “Friend In Need” to find shelter with in times of storm. Take refuge in your storms of life with God. He WILL get you through!! Friends and family may be there for you, but sometimes they just don’t have the answers or solutions. Just like my uncle in the culvert, friends and family can help a part of you but may not be the refuge you seek for a complete shelter from the storm.

Have a good week all.

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