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I was listening to a talk sports radio show in my car a couple days ago and they were talking about how bad the Referees were. One guy said he really didn’t want to say anything bad about the refs, but he asked, “How many times have you heard someone say, Those Refs tonight were really good?” I started laughing and about drove off the road. The more I thought about it , the more it became true to me. Every since kids were old enough to play pee-wee baseball, flag foot ball, or grade school basketball, all they have heard is someone complaining about the Refs. Why as adults would they not be the same way?

Referees have a lot of control in ball games. It’s college “March Madness” time so let’s just look at basketball for the moment. Refs call fouls, and if you get 5 before the end of the game, you are ejected and can’t play anymore in that game. They make judgement calls on a lot of the fouls, traveling, etc. They are only human after all. They will make mistakes. Then there are technical fouls. If you done something bad enough to get “T’d Up”, most times it not real bad and then there are other times you could get ejected from the game and you can’t play anymore that night. Most refs just want to protect and enforce the rules of the game, others want to have control to the extent that it influences the outcome of the game. How ever one wants to look at it, Refs are inconsistent, will make bad calls and we as parents and fans are going to boo and complain (Especially if our team loses). “It’s the Refs fault” we say.

However there is one Referee that is consistent, fair, and will never make a bad decision. He is the same today as He was yesterday and He will still be the same tomorrow. He has rules to follow and will enforce them. He is full of Grace and Forgiveness. He won’t take you out of the game and make you sit on the bench. Quite the contrary, He wants you to keep on keeping on, fight the good fight, and finish the race to receive the crown of life. Of course, the Referee I’m talking about is God. Get to know Him, He’ll treat you right. The one Referee you don’t have to boo or complain about.

Have a good day all and SMILE God loves YOU!!

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