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When driving around town, there is a stoplight at nearly every major intersection. Green lights for go, red lights for stop, and amber lights for caution. Most people obey the signals, but when others don’t there can be problems.

I don’t know about all of you, but I wish I had a light like this for life. When I’m about to make a major mistake or making a wrong decision, I wish there was a BIG RED LIGHT that would come on so I would know to stop before proceeding. That in itself would solve a lot of problems that I create by just forging ahead with what I deem as being right. By the way, I tell people I have only been wrong once and that was when I thought I was wrong. lol

Now when I’m headed in a little bit of a wrong direction, a BIG CAUTION light would come on. That would let me know that it’s probably OK to proceed, but do so carefully. Check all facts and concerns, look every direction, and make sure you are doing the right thing. That would certainly help, knowing the decision is right.

The BIG GREEN light is what we all look for. It simply means charge straight ahead, everything is OK. Nothing to be concerned about so no worries.  If we only had a traffic light for life!!

The one place we do have the light is in our Christian lives. God has provided us with an instruction manual called the Bible. His words on what we are to say and do. He has put big RED LIGHTS throughout the text to let us know we need to STOP “IT”. He has put passages throughout to let us know to be careful and think about what we are about to do. The big CAUTION LIGHT. It may be OK, but proceed carefully. Then there are passages than say everything is OK. The big GREEN LIGHT to let us know we can charge ahead and not be concerned or worried. Thank you God for giving me direction for my Christian life!!

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