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My daughter, Tami, is diabetic and has to watch what she eats. She can have, pretty much, whatever she wants. Just has to be careful not to overdo the eating. She takes insulin shots to help her regulate her blood sugars. A special diet–no, a watched diet–yes. Many of us have some type of health problem that dictates, somewhat, how and what we eat. Most of us eat three meals a day to stay up on our needs for good health. We make an honest effort to do the shopping, so the food we buy is healthy for our bodies. Fast food every day is not conducive to a healthy diet. When we were living on the farm, Mom would fix a good meal at lunch time so we had the energy needed to work the afternoon. The right food, right diet, and right exercise will lead to a healthy body and life.

The question I have is this:

If we need three meals a day, right diet, and good exercise for our daily lives–Why don’t we need the same nutrition and exercise for a healthy Christian life? There are people that never go to Worship Services, never fellowship with fellow Christians, never Pray to God, and never open their Bible (If they even have one). How can they survive with no nutrition at all? Some people will go to Worship on Sunday morning and do nothing else the rest of the week. How can they survive on one meal a week? Some will go to Worship on Sunday morning and Sunday evening and do nothing else the rest of the week. How can they survive on two meals a week? The answer, to the above questions, is–They CAN’T!!!

God tells us in the 10th Chapter of Hebrews to attend Worship Services (Not forsaking the assembly of the Saints). He tells us in 2nd Timothy chapter 2 to study to show ourselves approved. These two things alone tell us that we need daily nutrition to sustain us in our Christian walk. One meal a week won’t work for God. 2 meals a week won’t work for God. Daily nutrition works for God. A special diet–no, a watched diet–no. The diet, exercise, and food we need is simply, IN THE BIBLE. Are you getting the right nutrition? If not, make some changes so that you are not only a healthy person, but you are a healthy Christian.

Have a good day all and SMILE God loves YOU!!!

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