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Back in the 1950’s we lived on a farm in a small farming community in Western Nebraska. Things were tough financially so my Dad drove a school bus to help make ends meet. He would pick the kids up in the morning and deliver them back home in the afternoon after school. If I remember right, it took about an hour and a half to run the route each time. There were rules on the bus that the kids had to follow. No running on the bus (had to remain seated), no loud talking or screaming, no picking on others, and no fighting. Dad was good at keeping everyone in line, however, if it got too bad he would stop and talk to the parents when he dropped their child off. That not only took care of that problem, but all the others would then behave. They didn’t want to have him talking to their parents. So basically everyone did as they were expected and got delivered home.

The second bus I want to talk about is the one God drives. He has all His children on it and expects them to follow the rules just as the school bus driver expected. In order to ride God’s bus here are some of His rules: Repent and be Baptized, attend Worship Services on Sunday (The Lord’s Day), do good works, have proper faith, set a good example to others, and go into all the world preaching and teaching (the Great Commission). If the children get out of line, God has His ways to get everyone back in line. So basically everyone does as expected and gets delivered home (Heaven)

The third bus to talk about is the one Satan drives. Now, this bus doesn’t have any rules. It’s the “Fun” bus. You get to do whatever you want. You can drink all you want, do drugs, indulge in immorality, be a homosexual, cause strife with others, fight with your family, fight with your friends, make it so everything is all about “Me”, and the list goes on and on and on and on…….. You know what else? He will even let you drive. So every one does as expected and gets delivered into darkness.

Which bus are you on? Satan’s or God’s? Are you in obedience to God? or Are you on the “Fun” bus? God says, “Obey My commands and I will prepare for you a place and I will deliver you home (Heaven).” Satan says, “Do what ever you want and I will have a place prepared for you and I will deliver you home (Eternal Darkness).”


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