The Burning Ember - GraceAndWorks

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It was a cold night and the fireplace was sparking and warming the room. The man living there was calm and at peace when he heard a knock at the door. When he answered the door the preacher stood there without word. The man had not been to Church for several weeks, so he knew why the preacher was there. He invited the preacher in and asked him to have a seat. The preacher sat down, still without word. The two just sat there as the time went by. The preacher got up and went to the fireplace and picked up a hot ember. He took the ember and set it aside by itself. Soon the glowing ember was going dim and losing is glow and effectiveness. The two of them continued to sit without word. The preacher looked at his watch and deemed it time to leave. Before he left, he went to the fireplace and put the piece of wood back in the fire and it once again was glowing. As the preacher was leaving the man said to him, “I’ll see you in Church Sunday.”

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