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Farming is a gamble. You’ve tilled the ground in the right manner. The seed you purchased has a good germination rate. All things are ready for planting, but, there doesn’t seem to be enough moisture. You gamble on the fact it will rain. The rain came and all is good. The plants are coming through the ground. WHEW!! If you’ve planted winter wheat, you hope the winter isn’t too severe so the crop doesn’t winter kill. Spring comes, the winter wasn’t bad, and the crop is growing. We need rain!! The rain comes and all is good. The crop is fine and getting ready to harvest. Hope it doesn’t hail. Sure enough here comes a terrible storm and hails out the crop. Farming is a gamble. All things were done right, yet, there is no crop. YUCK!!

Getting in your car for a drive is a gamble. You’ve had the car checked out and the mechanic said everything is OK. The tank is full of gas, the seat belts are fastened, and we’re off for a drive. You’re driving the speed limit, watching out for other drivers, and all is going well. When all of a sudden, out of nowhere, someone crashes into you. The trip is over!! Driving is a gamble. All things were done right, yet, you didn’t get to finish the trip. YUCK!!

Life itself is a gamble. Your health is good, have a nice home, good job, a lovely family, and everything is OK. All of a sudden you lose your job and can’t find another one quick enough. The house is foreclosed on, you and the spouse start arguing. Divorce proceedings start and the family starts to go south. Depression sets in and you’ve got that feeling that life, as you knew it, is over!! Life itself is a gamble. All things had been done right, yet, things didn’t finish like you had thought. YUCK!!

Salvation is not a gamble. It is all laid out for you in the Bible. Follow the directions that God gives you and all will be well, Those directions are plain and easy to follow. Read, study, and remain steadfast in your Christian walk. God says, “All you have to do is obey My commands and I will prepare for you a place.” Sounds easy enough. Now just be like Nike, do it!! All things were done right. Salvation is yours!! No gamble–no YUCK!!


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