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I have watched a lot of football and half time shows this weekend, probably just like you. As I watched everything, the talent shown by individuals and teams was absolutely amazing.

The bands, as they came onto the field, were all dressed in uniforms and carrying different instruments. It was a team and yet they were individuals. Each member had a different talent, a different place to be on the field, different responsibilities, and different instruments. Yet, as they came together as a team, they performed as one and were remarkably good.

The referees, for the most part, did a good job. They also work as individuals and as a team. Each ref has his own spot on the field, responsibilities, and a different talent. It takes all of them doing their job to keep the game fair and orderly.

The football team has 11 players on offense and 11 players on defense, with many more on the bench serving as substitutes. Each player is an individual, has a certain place to be, responsibilities, and a different talent from others. Each play they have a different responsibility to perform and a different talent used. Yet when the play starts, they come together and perform as a team.

It came to me as I watched the 3 1/2 to 4 hour showing that everything from announcers, cheerleaders, bands, players, and referees, all was based around individual talent and team effort.

The more I thought about this subject, I could see that life itself was the same way. Whether it be work, family, government, friends, or….. we all have different talents and yet need to perform as teams in order to be successful.

Paul tells the Christians, in the 4th chapter of the letter to the Ephesians, that God has given each individual different talents. We see in God’s Kingdom that it is made up of congregations (Teams) and the congregations are made up of individuals. We do our work in the Kingdom and in individual congregations based upon our own talents. When we put those talents together, we can become successful in our journey towards Heaven. Don’t try to make this journey on your own. You’ll need the rest of your team, to be successful.

A New Years resolution for one and all: I WILL ATTEND WORSHIP SERVICES ON EACH SUNDAY.

Have a good year. SMILE God loves YOU!!

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