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Posted by | December 27, 2016 | Life Blogs | 2 Comments

When is enough, enough? When do you throw your hands up in the air and say, “NO MORE!!??” When do you just walk away and move on? We draw imaginary lines for these situations and then we tend to move them. We try to go along to get along. Everyone has different tolerances and different patient levels, however, we all will reach a limit when enough is enough.  What is your limit?

There are lines everywhere we go and look. Football, baseball, hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc. They all have lines to show out of bounds. When you go out of bounds play stops. Highways have lines to separate your space from some else. They separate the traffic to keep drivers in line and help stop accidents. Kids draw lines in the sand and tell each other not to cross the line. The back seat of a car gets divided with a line by the kids so they don’t get in each others space. When these lines are crossed, there are usually fights, squabbles, and different reactions. There are lines on paper to help us with organizing what we are doing. There are rulers to help us draw straight lines. Unfortunately life doesn’t have these lines and we have to draw our own.  When is enough, enough.? When do friends, co-workers, and family, cross the line and go out of bounds?

In our Christian lives, we have lines and don’t have to draw imaginary ones. God has given us His written word for us to stay on line. He says, “Obey My commands, and I will prepare for you a place.” The Bible has these commands (Lines) all spelled out for us. We don’t have throw our hands up in the air in disparity, or draw imaginary lines. We don’t have to say, “Enough is enough.” The lines are given to us by God and if we follow the lines, all will be good. Just don’t let yourself go out of bounds.


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