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Back in the early years of my sales career, I did a lot of traveling. I remember one winter when I was traveling Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado. It seemed like every day when I got up to go to the next town, I encountered icy roads. This story took place in the late 1970’s.

In late October/early November, we had an ice storm and then it snowed on top of the ice. The winter was cold and stayed that way for several months. Well the roads were horrible. It had gotten so bad that there were pot holes in the ice. Travel was slow and treacherous. I had to go slow and watch every thing I did as I was driving on these roads. Besides the rough pot holed road, there were other drivers to worry about, curves to navigate, the worry of sliding off the road into the ditch and getting stuck. It became a long, tough several months of navigating those awful driving conditions. However, every day I continued to do my job, and at the end of this horrible winter, I had gotten done what was needed. It was a struggle but a successful few months.

As I thought about this story, I realized life can be the same way. Every day we get out of bed, we have a journey to travel. Sometimes it’s like the icy roads, full of potholes, curves, other people to work around, Satan to worry about, and the thought that we need to stay on the right path, though it may be slow going, so as not to end up in the ditch, stuck in the muck of life. These can be horrible times, however, even though it may be a struggle for a while, you will find the same success at the end of the “Storms.”

God says that He will never forsake us and that He will never leave us. If we believe in God and have the proper Faith, we can navigate the path of life much easier. Let the Bible be your guide to stay on the right path as you travel down the icy roads of life. So, grab your Bible, talk to God, and have a good journey!!

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