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Slam dunk is a term used in basketball when a player throws the ball through the hoop. It’s an automatic score. Or is it? Sometimes it bounces off the rim or is blocked by another player. No score–no slam dunk. We are getting ready to go to an interview for a new job. We’re dressed for success, did our research on the company, have our resume updated, showed up a little early. We’re thinking this job is a slam dunk. Now it’s time for the interview. It’s going well and the interviewer seems to like me. All information and questions are answered. Now I go home and wait for the call that says they want me. I’ve got this, I’m thinking this is a slam dunk. Or is it? I wait for nearly a week and no call. Finally I call them only to find out they had hired someone else. No score–no slam dunk. We’ve found that perfect house. Real Estate agent is wonderful and says we should have no problem with our purchase. My credit score is good, I’ve filled out all the paper work, down payment is intact, and I think all is good. I’ve got this, it’s a slam dunk. Or is it? I get a call from my agent and they sold the house to a cash buyer that offered more money. No score–no slam dunk. There are many examples we could use, but, I think you’ve got the point. Nothing in life is a slam dunk.

Our salvation is the same. We’re going along fine. Life is good and we’re doing the best we can. We read the Bible occasionally, believe in God and Jesus, once in a while we may go to church, we take food to the sick or the bereaved, we give money to our favorite charity, etc. We’re thinking we’ve got this, salvation’s a slam dunk. Or is it? God says, “Obey my commands AND I’ll prepare for you a place.” Wait!! I have to do what God says, and not just believe in Him and Jesus? Yep, that’s what the Bible teaches.

Some of those commands are:

A) Don’t spread hate, but, love one another.

B) Don’t forsake the assembly of the Saints–Attend Worship services

C) Believe AND be Baptized. Repent AND be Baptized.

D) Be humble and think more of others than we do ourselves.

E) Seek first the Kingdom of God. Everything else takes second place.

I’ve got this, it’s a slam dunk. Or is it? In the end, God’s Grace is what will save us. In the mean time, do what God says!!

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