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I want to challenge everyone out there to read this. It may appear to be more of a rant than an actual blog. There are many things we can be obsessed with such as, drugs, alcohol, sex, jobs, sports, etc. Today I want to talk about the obsession people have with politics and this election.

Social media is filled with everything that is wrong with Hillary and Trump. Can we see some things that are good points instead of all the bashing? Oh, I get it, there is nothing good to post about either one, or it seems. To quote a friend, “These two are just bad, Heaven help us.” There is so much hate being spread right now, it just boggles my mind. I see shares how we need to get this Country back to God and then the very next post is something about hate on Hillary or Trump. When there is so much hate, how are we ever going to get back to God? We go to Bible classes to learn about God and His love, then go home and spread hate. I just don’t understand!! We tell the preacher what a good job he did with the sermon, then proceed to do as we want. I just don’t understand!! Where and when will the hate stop? I will venture to say that when this election is over, whichever candidate wins, people will nit-pick every thing done and continue to spread hate. “Heaven help us!!”

Throughout the Bible, there have been good leaders and bad leaders. It is what it is. I just hope that in the next 4 years there isn’t damage beyond repair. Then maybe we will have viable candidates to choose from. We can only hope and PRAY.

You want this Country to be a Godly Country? Stop spreading the hate. Instead of sharing political “garbage”, how about sharing a Bible verse. I post one every day. There is a new blog each Monday, mostly dealing with God and life. Share one of those instead of hitting the share button on negativity about Hillary or Trump.

God says that love is the cure for all things. STOP the hating and show some love!! In the New Testament, James tells us to look in the mirror and take stock of ourselves. Some of you will read this and say that doesn’t apply to me. Go look in the mirror and take stock to make sure.

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