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Why do you ask? Who cares? After all it’s MY weekend off. It’s MY only day to do what I want. So, what are you going to do? Find a foursome and go play golf? Maybe find a buddy and go fishing. Think maybe we’ll take the boat and go to the lake. Gather the guys and watch football all day? Sleep in and lounge around all day? Think I’ll settle in my easy chair and watch movies all day. Unfortunately that are some of the things peopleĀ  will do on Sunday.

The New Testament proclaims the 1st day of the week as being the Lord’s day. It’s not YOUR day!! In Hebrews, you’ll find the writer saying, “Don’t forsake the assembly of the Saints.” Many times, it is just said, to not forsake the assembly. People must think that pertains to the assembly of buddies to watch football or the assembly with a friend to go fishing, boating or golfing.

So, maybe this Sunday we will go to worship service as God would want. We say we believe in God and we will do what He commands. What about assembling with the Saints and worship God? That’s one of His commands. While in Worship, we can sing songs of praise to His name (Also a command). We can approach God’s throne and offer prayers (Also a command). We can show God how much we appreciate what He gives us as blessings, by giving of our monetary means to further the work in His Kingdom (Also a command). We can hear a lesson from God’s word to make our life more productive as Christians (Also a command). We can fellowship one with another (Also a command). We can Commune with God and remember the Son He sent to this world to die so that we can have forgiveness of sin and have a home in Heaven (Also a command). We say we love God and we believe in Him, yet, we don’t want to give Him any of our time or make any effort to OBEY His commands. Why is that??

It’s Sunday, let’s go to Worship Services and honor our God.

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