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All three of these can be absolutely devastating. They can destroy homes and all the contents. They can destroy automobiles. They can destroy entire cities. They can even cause your death. Warnings need to be heeded. Cities can be rebuilt. Homes can be rebuilt. Personal belongings, for the most part, can be replaced. Cars can be replaced. There is a difference however, especially with earthquakes. You see, hurricanes and tornadoes can be predicted whereas earthquakes, for the most part cannot be seen or predicted with much accuracy. Radar can detect hurricanes and can be used to tell how bad the storm is and where it is going to go. Same is true for tornadoes. We can know when the storm will hit, where it will be and the track of the storm. Earthquakes, however, cannot be seen, heard or predicted with any accuracy. Yet all three are VERY destructive.

Now I want to compare them to sin in our lives. As we stated, hurricanes and tornadoes can be seen, heard and tracked. Much of the sin in our lives can be seen, heard and tracked. As with hurricanes and tornadoes, we need to heed to the warning signs. If we don’t pay attention to the signs and warnings, sin can also cause death. Both physical and spiritual. Take refuge, move to a different place in your life and get rid of the “Storms.”

Earthquakes are a completely different story. They can’t be seen, heard or tracked until they have already done their damage. Some sin in our lives can be as devious. Sin will sneak up on you and cause damage before you can see, hear or track it. There are probably no warning signs and sometimes no way to move to a different place in life or take refuge. So, what do we do about it? Know and understand that God will get you through the tough, devious times (If you let Him). We can prepare for devastation by doing the things God says for us to do. Study, attend worship services with other Christians and know what sin is. If we truly know what sin is, we can divert the “Storm” to a different track and avoid the damage it may cause.

Take heed and be aware of the warning signs!!

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