Trump Needs To Bow Out - GraceAndWorks

Posted by | October 08, 2016 | Life Blogs | No Comments

Donald Trump, for the sake of the Republican Party,  needs to bow out or be eliminated by the party from running any further. If President Obama was advocating the same things as Trump is, everyone would be calling for impeachment. If President Obama was treating and talking about women the way Trump is, everyone would be calling for impeachment. Why is not everyone calling for an “Election Impeachment” by the Republican Party? This simply makes no sense to me!! The only way, as I see this, is for Pence to take over and have either Rubio or Perry as his running mate. I don’t know if this would be a winning ticket, but, it would sure be better than what is there now. Come on Republican Party do something!! I would hate conceding this election to Hillary Clinton if I were the RNC!!

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