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When traveling down the highway, cruise control can be nice to use. It will maintain your vehicle at a certain speed. We just finished a 3250 mile trip where the cruise control was used quite a bit. As we were going down the highway, I got to wandering if cruise control could be applied to life. There are some problems with using the cruise control. When traffic is slow or bunched up, it has to be shut off. I personally don’t think it is wise to use when one is tired, because you don’t have the control that is needed if something were to go wrong or the reflexes to make fast decisions. I also hesitate to use it when it is dark and you don’t know the road very well. Going through curves also will cause you to have to turn it off, because speed varies and you again don’t have the control that might be needed. Though cruise control is nice to have, it does have it’s limitations.

I think many of us put our lives on cruise control and don’t realize the hazards that it may cause. What happens when you are just going along fine and all of a sudden life gets somewhat complicated? Do you become frustrated and just continue to speed along? Or, do you have to put a stop on the controls and readjust? Just like the highway, life becomes slow or it gets bunched up and we have to have our own control rather than being on cruise control. We need to slow down and figure out what to do. Sometimes that isn’t easy to do and we have to regain control. When life becomes complicated, confusing or bunched up, we also need the control to maneuver around the obstacles in the way. When the ways seem dark and we don’t know the road very well, we will have to slow down in order to find our way. When things are going smooth, I see nothing wrong with life being on cruise control and simply moving forward.

All the above would also apply to our Christian lives. We have curves in the road to deal with, speed bumps, complications, confusion and dark times when nothing seems to be going right. Let God be your cruise control and the Bible be your guide to getting on the right road and thus ending up in the right place.

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