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There are two types of inheritance that I want to deal with in this blog. The first one is the inheritance we have or receive during our lifetime that involves money, property, special items, family heirlooms, etc.

So what happened to your inheritance? Did you waste it away? Spend it foolishly? Not receive any? People deal with inheritances in different ways. With cash, some will take that trip they have always wanted, buy the new car that was always dreamed about, purchased the ultimate home, or maybe it was put away so you would have that available when it comes time to retire. Whatever you did with it, it eventually will be gone. Special items or family heirlooms will probably be around longer, however, one day will come when someone won’t care about them and do away with them by giving them to someone, sell them or maybe just cast them away. Whatever happens, eventually they are gone. Thus an inheritance today is what modern language would say, “Here today–Gone tomorrow.”

The other inheritance I want to deal with is the inheritance God promises us. This is an inheritance that will last forever, IF, we don’t give it away. How do we give it away, you say? God expects us to obey His commands and do what He says. By not doing what God says, you in theory will give your inheritance away by not caring. How could that happen?

In Galatians 5:19-21, Paul pretty well lays out what not to do. If you do these things you will give/lose your inheritance according to Paul. These are listed as works of the flesh.

A) Adultery

B) Fornication

C) Uncleanness

D) Lewdness

E) Idolatry

F) Sorcery

G) Hatred

H) Contentions

I) Jealousies

J) Outbursts of Wrath

K) Selfish Ambitions

L) Dissensions

M) Heresies

N) Envy

O) Murders

P) Drunkenness

Q) Revelries

R) And the like!!

Verse 21 ends this with, “Those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

We need to pay attention to what God says, expects and wants us to do. If not, we will give your inheritance away. Then What?? We’ll be left with nothing, just like real life. Let’s not put ourselves in a position that we would not receive the inheritance that God promises us!!

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