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Getting from point A to Point B can happen in many different ways. Do you walk?  Do you roller skate or use a skate board? Maybe a surf board, jet ski, canoe or a motor boat. How about a bicycle, motorcycle, 18 wheeler, pickup or a car? Could it be a hand glider, helicopter small plane or a jet. Getting from point A to point B happens whenever something has a starting point and an ending point. Things that use a clock for instance–A work day, race, TV shows, cooking, and the list goes on. Life has a starting point and an ending point–Birth to Death.

Most of the things listed above don’t need directions, or very few. If we were take a trip, say, driving from California to Florida, we would not only need some type of transportation, but also would probably need directions. Yes, you could probably get there, somehow, without a map of some kind. But, if you want to get there in shortest amount of travel and time, you would have to have some kind of a plan. If I were doing this kind of trip without direction, I would end up on wrong roads and probably end up lost and be somewhere other than where I wanted to be. OR throw my hands in the air and quit and go back to where I started from. Is this beginning to sound like life?

All of this is especially true in our Christian lives. We all start at point A, Baptism, and end at point B, Heaven. However to get from point A to Point B we HAVE to have a plan, or a map, if you will. The map we have is the Bible. God says that we need to obey His commands and he will prepare for us a place (Heaven). He has provided us with His Living Word to give us the map and directions, that we need, to be successful in these Christian lives. We have to stay on the right roads. We have to stay on course. We have to remain steadfast and not get distracted. We must not throw our hands in the air and give up.

We MUST obey what God says and follow the directions, He has set before us, to gain the home He has promised.

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