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When I lived on the farm, we had different types bridges. We had a farm road that ran by our house and just down the hill there was a creek that ran through our property. The county built that bridge out of steel, concrete and planks. We had simple plank bridges on the farm across ditches. Either way they were used to get from one side to the other. Bridging the gap, if you will. The Golden Gate bridge is an example of an engineering marvel. Either way you look at it, life is the same way. Whether it is family, work, friends or church, bridges have to be built. Some are as simple as the planks going across the ditch and some are as complicated to build as the Golden Gate Bridge. For a good relationship to be built, it has to have a bridge built. How simple or how extravagant is up to those that are building the relationship.  That relationship can also depend on how hard we want to work at it.

Sometimes bridges have to be torn down. They become beyond repair. I’m sure most of us have had that occur in our lives. Regular bridges need planks, steel and/or concrete repaired to the point it is not fixable and a new one has to be rebuilt or you just tear it down and leave it with no way to get from one side to the other. The Golden  Gate bridge has been there for years, yet, on occasion it has to be repaired. No one thinks about not repairing it. It was put together with such strength that nothing can destroy it. As we live life are we willing to destroy the bridge we built with someone or are we going to try to fix it? Sometimes it has to be torn down and we just move on. That is tough to do because it leaves us feeling empty and alone. It can be devastating to end a relationship. Yet it must be done. Most of us have been there and don’t want to have to face that kind of challenge again.

Many times bridges can be repaired. It may take a little or a lot of work. Does a simple plank need replaced? Does the steel need replaced? If it has concrete or paving on it, are there holes and the material needs replaced? Most relationships that we have are worth fixing. We may have to work harder at it, than the one we are in the relationship with. Are we willing to do that? Can you replace the plank, steel, concrete or paving without a lot of help? Most times, if you can, that bridge will be stronger than when you first built it. It may be worth doing the repairs. TRY IT!!

There is one bridge that will never have to be repaired or torn down, and that is the bridge that God extends to us. He is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. That will never change or need repairs. However, the bridge we  build to God, can and probably will, need repaired on occasion. We get off track and do things that can do harm with our relationship with God. He tells us in 1st Corinthians chapter 10 that He will never put more on our shoulders than we can handle and He will always show us a way out. If our bridge with God gets to where it needs repaired, are we going to be able to work and fix what is in need of that repair? Or do we just throw up our hands and tear the bridge down and move on? I would hope we have the energy, understanding, knowledge and wisdom to know that repairing or rebuilding the bridge with Him is for the best.


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