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We deal with egos everywhere and every time we have associations with other people. We have those that are of low self esteem (little or no ego), those that have ultra egos and those with super egos. Each one is individualistic in their own way and need to be handled somewhat differently. Checking your ego at the door does away with who you are as an individual. Never be self conscience about yourself, your beliefs or how your particular ego functions (Egotistic).

I was listening to an interview with Coach “K” the other day and he was talking about egos. He said to never check your ego at the door because you will lose your individuality. There are things in life that we need to learn to ignore and peoples traits that rub us wrong are one of those things. It’s hard to ignore those kinds of traits and it is a learned process. We need to be the bigger person at times like these and let the little things that bother us just go away.

He also said that we need to live in the moment. Don’t be concerned with what happened yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow. Just live for today!! As he talked about his teams and especially the Olympic Basketball Team, he said it is not all about the numbers, but, more about those special moments that players have with each other and the success they enjoy not only as an individual, but, also as a team. The Coach, watching, as the passion, smiles and high fives occur. He said that is what keeps him coaching.

As I thought about that, I though about a congregation of Christians. How peaceful it would be if we could look past peoples egos and just get along. How nice it would be to not be so concerned with numbers and live in the moment. How nice it would be to watch the passion and smiles of the ones that have worshiped their God and not have to be individuals, but, a true congregation of God’s people. How special, that moment, when someone comes up from the watery grave of baptism, and we celebrate as one. Those are the types of moments Coach “K” was talking about.

Be happy with yourself and “Live In The Moment”. That’s what Coach “K” says, that’s what I say and that’s what God says!!

Have a good week all.

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