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We are all pretty familiar with both of these. I want to take a look at how they relate to life. It might be surprising to you the similarity and yet the major differences.

We’ll look at the Yo-Yo first. I, as I would imagine you also, have sometime in your life played with a Yo-Yo. I’m certainly not an expert with a Yo-Yo, but I have played with one. I see it as this round thing with string wound around the middle. You start it at the top and it falls to the bottom spinning around and around. If you’re lucky, when it hits bottom you can give it a little jerk and it will come back to the top. For me, it would come up half way, or so, and spin out of control. It would go every which way and eventually get out of control and get all tangled up and I would have to start all over. I’ve heard people say, “My life is like a Yo-Yo.” For some, a Yo-Yo can be mastered to the point they can make it do all sorts of things. For some it just becomes a mess–just like life.

A Roller-Coaster has a track that it runs on. It has ups and downs and curves in the middle. However with it being on a track it has stability, unlike the Yo-Yo. Very seldom does it ever jump off track. In this example life would have it’s ups and downs, but still stay on track. It would throw curves at you and still be on track. I’ve heard people say, “My life is like a Roller-Coaster.”  Many people are like a Roller-Coaster. They can handle the ups and downs, and what ever curves that are there, and still reach their destiny. They don’t get hung up in the middle and spin out of control like a life of a Yo-Yo.

In our Christian lives we deal with the same thing. If we treat the Bible as our track, study and do what God says, we may still have ups and downs and curves thrown at us. However, it gives us the stability we need to be able to stay on track and not get off course. Without God’s word, life can be like the Yo-Yo. Somewhere we get caught in the middle, spin out of control, get all tangled up and have to start all over.

Where is your life? Like a Yo-Yo, tangled up and spinning put of control? Or, like the Roller-Coaster, on track, able to handle the ups and downs, and the curves life gives us?

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