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Rodney Dangerfield was famous for his, “I can’t get no respect.” That has been a saying that has stayed around since he said it.

Let’s first define what respect actually means:

  1. A relation to 0ur concern with something usually specified
  2. An act of giving particular attention: Consideration
  3. A high or special regard: Esteem
  4. The quality or state of being esteemed: Honor
  5. Particular. Detail

    I wanted to talk about this because I recently had a conversation where we talked about a lack of respect among people in general. Comments made about kids not respecting their parents. No respect for teachers and school. No respect for Police or Pubic officials. The lack of respect from those in charge to those who are being accused of wrong doing. The lack of respect from other nations for the United States. And it went on and on, however I think you can start to see the point.

    It’s been said that communication is the key to success and I believe that to be true. Look at marriages that fall apart because of not talking to one another. A failure in businesses because of no open communication between employees and management. Failure in Congregations of God’s people because someone got their feelings hurt and instead of talking about the problem, they let a molehill grow into a mountain. I believe much of this is a lack of respect for each other. Whether it is marriage, business, church, politics etc. The question is: How can we be successful at………, if their is no communication with others or respect for one another? Answer: WE CAN’T!!

    The Bible speaks about God not being a respecter of persons. That simply means He doesn’t hold any one better that anyone else. He respects every one equal and has created us to be able to think and make decisions for ourselves. If we truly are walking in God’s light, wouldn’t we be able to have a respect for ALL people?  Respect is a concern over something specified, from our definition. Having respect for someone or their ideas does not mean I have to be agreeable. It’s OK to disagree, just don’t get to the place you are disagreeable.

    It all comes down to this: I’ll respect you, your ideas and your opinions. In turn I want you to respect, me, my ideas and my opinions. We don’t have to agree with one another, just communicate, listen and respect. Oh, how calming this would be for what ever situation we found ourselves to be involved with.


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