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Happy 4th of July. Let’s make some fireworks today. Are you a “Right Winger”, “Left Winger”, “Middle of the Road Winger”, “Chicken Winger” or a “Turkey Winger”? For today it doesn’t matter. Are you Republican, Democrat, Independent, Muslim, Mormon, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Atheist or something else? For today it doesn’t matter.

What does matter for today is–think for yourself!! I’m tired of some left wing or right wing journalist, radio personality, TV commentator or anyone else trying  to tell me what somebody said or what they meant. Let’s get this out in the open–I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump!! I will say this though, if this is the best America has to offer for a President, we have SERIOUS problems.  I’m a college graduate and I think I can figure out what someone said or did not say, if I listen to them. What I can’t figure out is, why can’t American citizens, without being given biased opinions from some right or left winger, figure out what is best or who is best. Have we stooped so low that we can’t even think for ourselves. I certainly hope not!!!

Everyone seems to be so concerned about the Presidential election that they forget about electing Senators and Congressmen/women. What could the Obama administration have done if congress and senate hadn’t said NO to some/most of what he wanted done. A constant struggle!! What if this same thing happens for the next four-eight years? Will we still blame the President for everything gone wrong? Or will we finally see that it may be the people in Congress or the Senators that are the problem?  It is my take on this that if we don’t do some house cleaning in Congress and Senate, it really doesn’t matter who the President is.

Now let’s talk about President Obama. Has he made some mistakes? Yes, who hasn’t? The Affordable Health Care isn’t perfect and it needs some tweaking and the National debt is atrocious. Good luck to the next Administration with these two things. He inherited a war we should not have been in, saved the auto industry, saved the banking industry, the housing market is good once again, the stock market has come back to almost 18,000 from around 7,000 (Dow Jones), the price of gasoline is down to $2.25-$2.50 from around $4 and the unemployment rate is down considerably from where it was. Not bad for an administration that has fought and struggled with Congress and Senate for 8 tears. Good luck with the next Administration on doing the same or better.

God tells us to pray for our leaders. Why can’t we do this, instead of continually complaining and being non-supportive? We need to be careful this year about what we want as a nation. Think for yourself and do your due diligence to vote for the best people to run this GREAT Nation for the next 4 years. That includes the President, Congress, Senate and all the way on down the line!!

Now let’s celebrate the 240th year of independence of this GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and have a good time!! Let’s also send a prayer to God to keep all safe that fight for our freedom!!

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