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As I pondered this particular subject, I started to realize how often we use the words catch and caught. I caught a fish. I caught a ball. I caught you___. You caught me__. The police caught me__. My spouse caught me__. My friend caught me__. I finally caught on. This isn’t easy to catch onto. I got caught up with. I can’t catch up with that car. I can’t catch up with the other runners. You can’t catch me. All of these probably have nothing to do with whether we live or die.

I caught a cold. I caught the flu. I caught the measles. I caught whooping cough. Those allergies finally caught up with me. Heart problems caught up with me. Cancer caught up with me. Old age will catch up with me. Arthritis will probably catch up with me. Bad knees and bad hips may catch up with me. Some of these will or could cause an early death and some will or could just make life miserable and you will recover. The one thing we do know is there will come a day when we will all die a physical death.

In my eyes, the “Deadliest Catch” is when Satin catches hold of you. Years ago Flip Wilson came out with a saying that lives on today–“The Devil Made Me Do It”!! It’s an excuse that is used over and over when we do something that is sinful. Well, the devil made me do it. NO HE DIDN’T!! God gave us the ability to make choices. We choose whether we want to sin or not. The Devil does not make us do anything. Here I’m referring to the Deadliest Catch as being, Satin, the one who catches us and causes a Spiritual Death. A Spiritual death that will cause us to lose our home with God.

As I was writing this, I came to realize that upon doing something good, I have never heard, “God made me do it”!! Why is that? Is it because we don’t do good? Is because we can’t give God credit? We certainly blame the bad on Satin. The fact is, just as the devil can’t make us do anything, God doesn’t make us do anything either. It is all our choice.

So, let’s not get caught by the devil–let’s get caught up with God!!

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