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We have all been told “Good Luck” many times. Going for an interview for a new job–“Good Luck”, looking for a new house–“Good Luck”, getting married–“Good Luck” and it goes on and on. But what does it REALLY mean to have “Good Luck?” It’s been said luck is what you make of it.

Luck by definition: A force that brings good fortune or adversity. Being lucky means: Fortuitous, Having good luck, Happening by chance. So–What is “Good Luck?”

Opportunity by definition: Suitable or convenient for a particular occurrence. A favorable juncture of circumstances; a good chance for advancement or progress. Now draw a horizontal line on a piece of paper.

Prepare by definition: To make ready; to procure as suitable or necessary; PROVIDE; To get ready, to arrange things in readiness. Preparation is the action or process of making something ready for use or service. Now draw a vertical line on the paper, intersecting the horizontal line.

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for. the conviction of things not seen. For this article I want to narrow this to faith in oneself. You have the horizontal and vertical lines intersecting, now draw a circle around the intersection, we’ll call that a dome and that dome is faith in yourself.

Where opportunity intersects with preparation, we’ll call that “Good Luck.” You see, if you are prepared, and an opportunity shows itself, “Good Luck” is created.¬† If you are not prepared, you can’t take advantage of an opportunity.

Now for “Luck is what you make of it”, let’s take that intersection of preparation and opportunity and put the dome over it, so now we have an all encompassing faith covering the opportunities we can take advantage of. The conclusion is, “Luck” had nothing to do with what happens to you, you have full control. Are you prepared and do you have the faith to take advantage of the opportunities of life?

I want to take a look at some examples God gives us to help make more sense of this. Jeremiah was summoned by God at an early age to give a speech later on in his life. He told God he was too young. God put the words, to be said, in Jeremiah’s mouth. God prepared him, so when the opportunity came to give the speech, Jeremiah had no problems. What really carried him was his overall faith in God. Preparation + Opportunity + Faith In Self = Success.

God went to Noah to build an ark. God gave Noah the exact plan of what He wanted Noah to do. Noah had an opportunity and God prepared him, then Noah’s faith covered the rest. Preparation + Opportunity + Faith In Self¬† = Success.

When Christ’s church was established on the day of Pentecost, Peter preached to the multitudes. God had prepared Peter on what to say and when the opportunity showed, Peter was able to succeed. The multitudes asked, “What shall we do?” Peter said, “Repent AND be Baptized’, and 3000 souls were saved that day. Preparation + Opportunity + Faith In Self = Success.

The whole point of this story is for you/me to always have Faith in ourselves and be prepared for what ever situation we find ourselves in and be able to take advantage of any opportunity. God will give us the Faith we need. God has given us His written Word to prepare us. Now we can take advantage of the opportunity, which is Heaven.

When someone says, “Good Luck” to you, you now know what it means!! Peter didn’t need it, Noah didn’t need it, Jeremiah didn’t need it and you certainly don’t need it.

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