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This week I want to talk to you about it being planting time. It’s fall time in Western Nebraska and time to plant the wheat for next years crop. The moisture is not real good and it’s going to be a struggle to get the kernels of wheat into wet ground so they can germinate. I’ve got the tractor hooked up to the grain drills. About ready to get started,  just have to scoop the wheat into the drills. For those that are not aware, wheat weighs 60 pounds per bushel and it takes about a bushel of seed per acre. OK, the drills are full and we’re pulling into the field. Field has been tilled and ready for planting. Boy that moisture line is deep due to the lack of rain, hope I can get the seeds deep enough and yet not too deep so the sprouts can get through the ground to sunlight. I’ve gone a little ways into the field so I stopped and checked to see if everything was working OK. All the spouts on the drill are flowing good, the seed is being planted, and the seeds are sitting on moisture. YAY!! Everything is going good.

Planting is done and the wheat is growing and doing good. Thank you, God. The wheat will go dormant during the winter months and now it is next spring and all looks good. The wheat is doing well and now it is July and harvest goes good. The grain is safely in bins to wait for a good selling market. Planting the seeds worked. They germinated, grew, and produced healthy plants.

In life we also plant seeds (every day). These can be seeds of hope or despair, love or hate, success or failure, compassion or uncaring, praise, kindness, positive seeds, negative seeds, fear, divisive, steadfastness, ill will, good or evil and the list will just continue on. The question I have for you is this: As you travel the roads through life what kind of seeds are you planting? We know that not all seeds will grow, but many do. Be careful what kind you are planting.

Just as the wheat needed the right conditions to be able to be a healthy plant so do the seeds we plant as we go through life (good or bad). God  wants us to plant seeds in His Kingdom. I had Faith the the wheat would grow and I have Faith that the seeds I plant in the Kingdom will grow. God says so!! Do you plant seeds for God and do you have the Faith they will grow? Not all will germinate, but some will. Don’t become discouraged.

Do the work, plant the seeds, and let God take care of the production.

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